M2M Solutions

M2M is communications between machines using telemetric over cellular, radio, wireless and wired networks. The aggregation of data from sensors, machines and applications has far reaching benefits for industries and businesses providing reliable services and knowledge. StartBrettPvt.Ltd is working in m2m and online monitoring sectors at large scale. For more details/enquiry please drop a email at :


Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring Systems involve hardware, communications and data collection applications that operate on a full time basis to provide access to remote devices or notify you of changes in conditions so you can respond to prevent damage or downtime.

Commercial m2m

Commercial M2M control applications include a wide spectrum of applications home automation, energy management, fleet management, and industrial maintenance.
Commercial m2m falls in two types:
- Configuration and control of electrical equipment's
- Energy consumption measurement and management

Industrial m2m

- Stay connected with your technical devices and systems.
- Manage machines remotely
- Monitor present conditions
- Automate and optimize processes

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