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We are having different courses for students and professionals. We have segregated our courses according to our enrollments. We definitely know what our customers exactly expect from us. Complete Customer satisfaction is our only aim. We strive to deliver the no.1 quality PLC training to our candidates.

For advanced PLC Training or control Panel Training, we are well equipped at Startbrett automation. The training sessions are interactive. Guest lectures by expertise in automation industry to share diversified Automation knowledge and to guide what exactly expected from you.

In addition to this, Students are encouraged to work on live projects to have the background of corporate culture.

StartBrett Professionals is committed to helping fresh graduates achieve the skills and expertise required to take their careers to the next level. It offers them comprehensive technical training to acquire, maintain and optimize their automation skills & Process Instrumentation Skills.

Startbrett Automation located at Sant Tukaram Nagar Pimpri,Pune, offers broad and comprehensive professional training covering areas of the automation field and complete cycle of a project. It is conducted in small groups and comprises classroom sessions as well as on the job training and hands-on experience, so as to ensure maximum learning and enhance expertise in product competency, engineering and project execution.

  • Our introductory 'Integrated Automation Training Course' includes topics such as the basics of Drives, Control, PLCs and PLC Software, Process Instrumentation along with Project Execution, Engineering, Manufacturing and site exposure.
  • Process Instrumentation Training Including topics such as the Basics as sensors & Transducer, Transmitter, Data logger, Online Monitoring system etc ( RTD, Ph Sensor, Electromagnetic Flow Meter, Ultrasonic Flow Meter)

      In this course, the trainees will study from and use the real equipment. Therefore this will be one of the best opportunities for trainee to have direct experience with PLC.
    • 1. Background and functions of PLC
    • 2. PLC fundamental, structure and type of PLC
    • 3. How to select the most appropriate PLC model
    • 4. Principles and steps of using PLC
    • 5. Design PLC system control and PLC's programming
    • 6. Basic PLC equipment (Input, Output, Internal Relay, Timer and Counter)
      • 7. How to use Siemens simatic Software?
      •          Software installation
      •          Basic and advance commands
      •          PLC read/write
      •          Monitoring PLC, PLC status
      •          Checking error code
        8. How to use Mitsubishi GX Works 2 Software?
      •          Software installation
      •          Basic and advance commands
      •          PLC read/write
      •          Monitoring PLC, PLC status
      •          Checking error code


    • 1. Basic knowledge in electrical system or experience in measuring or controlling system.
    • 2. Basic skill in computer and English


    • 1. Architecture of PLC
    • 2. Industrial Control & Power Circuit
    • 3. Working with Field Devices
    • 4. PLC Programming using Ladder Logic
    • 5. Interfacing I/O Devices with PLC
    • 6. PC – PLC Communication
    • 7. Timer, Counter, Jump, Subroutine & Multi-Interlocking
    • 8. Integer and Floating function, Shift & Rotate function
    • 9. Industrial PLC Panel board wiring


  • Provided Equipments -Live Control Panel / PLC kit set
  • Days- 30
  • Timing- 9:30 to 6:30
  • * Remark:Course detail may be changed without prior notice

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